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Uplift Clauses Explained

Nowadays, it seems that anyone who sells a house with a bit of ground, or a paddock in the middle of nowhere is terrified that they may miss out on a bonanza in the future. Uplift clauses – also known as overage or anti-embarrassment clauses – have become routine. Sometimes they are justified. Sometimes they […]

Strategic Land – Opportunities and Pitfalls

Strategic land is rightly seen as a somewhat esoteric and specialist branch of commercial conveyancing, much of it shrouded in jargon and prone to abrupt change. Whilst it is no place for the faint hearted, nonetheless there are certain broad concepts which are easily understood, both by the non-specialist lawyer and by the lay client. […]

Commercial Leases

A commercial lease can be an asset – but it can also be a very expensive liability. Taking great care before agreeing terms or signing on the dotted line is therefore vital, as once terms have been agreed it is virtually impossible to change them. Here are some of the key considerations: Ask for an […]